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If you're wondering how to find amazing keywords then look no further than this video

I don't say this very often, but this is perhaps the best way to find Redbubble designs that you can be confident are selling, for free

We are using Organic SEO methods and taking data directly from Google itself, which we can trust as a source of information. This gives us a huge advantage over our competitors and means we can pick up on trending designs that may easily become evergreen and sell for a long time

The best part about this is we're not using keyword tools, we're not using anything fancy, we're simply searching through google, identifying some interesting keyword opportunities, and then expanding on them using Google Ad Word planner

You can also refine the search, removing any brands (and therefore copyright free redbubble designs)

This means we can focus on increasing our print on demand profits, and make money online with basically 0 investment

Thanks for watching guys and I hope this helps you make some Redbubble sales,

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