Redbubble No Index Shadow Bans: Why They’re Happening and How to Fix Them

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is cracking down on spammy accounts and as a result, some users are finding that their traffic has plummeted. In this video I'll explain what's happening, why it's happening, and how to fix it.

These are all still theories, as Redbubble does not offer any information at all in this regard. In fact, if I hadn't studied Redbubble so much in terms of SEO, I don't think anyone would even know about this

What does it mean for your Redbubble account? It could be the reason you're getting very low organic traffic to your Redbubble store – and might explain, like in this example, why some people have thousands of designs, very low sales, and 0 products on Google

If you've often looked at your Redbubble analytics and wondered why you've got no organic traffic then this is why, Google analytics would only show organic traffic if it was a true organic click

I noticed a lot of people were still having problems with this, and decided I needed to make an updated video

I recommend opening a new Redbubble store – this will help you get around the shadow ban, and hopefully you'll be able to see what the mistake you made in the first place was

As I stated in the video, I think anything they consider to be spam can be hit by the shadow ban – which is really unfair in my opinion and inhibits some people's ability to make money online passively through redbubble

If you don't want to open a new Redbubble store, your other option is to upload to a different print on demand platform, such as zazzle, your own shopify store, merch by amazon, etsy, etc

I hope this video helps some people understand what is happening to their accounts – just remember that most likely the reason that they're doing this is that they simply have too many pages, and google cannot index all of the content we expect them to



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