How I’m Going To Grow My Redbubble Shop From Scratch – * UPDATED 2022/23*

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I am announcing a new store in this video, but one which I will keep secret – at least until it's complete and maybe even beyond that

I'm sick of reading how my methods don't work, so it's time to put my money where my mouth is and start making some god damn Redbbble sales

I'm not doing this for the money, but more to prove to myself (and my critics) that my methods do actually work

I would be happy with five sales in the first month, and from there we will see what happens

The process is pretty long, and to be honest there won't be much to show except some detailed analytics down the road

I need my own niche Redbubble store that is completely private, otherwise I'm never going to be able to actually see how powerful my own methods are

Redbubble SEO is like any other type of SEO, and i'm going to prove it

The Redbubble game plan is as follows:

– Make a Redbubble store with a unique name, can be a niche store or a general store. If you're doing heavy social media a niche is generally better
– Post 30 designs a day using Canva, and also other tools if you want
– Find keywords using any of my methods (watch my Redbubble playlist)
– Post to social media, grow through memes and occasional products
– Link on Quora, Medium, backlinks etc
– See how many sales you've made after one month

Thanks for watching guys – PEACE


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