One Simple Redbubble Keyword & Design Tutorial To Maximize Efficiency and Profit

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Looking to increase your sales through actionable steps? This is the video for you

I always had a problem with making Redbubble designs on Canva, because if they were white you couldn't see them on a white shirt and if they were black you couldn't see them on a black shirt

This video attempts to solve that problem with one incredibly simple easy trick – and I even included a way to find trending keywords that can be then easily made into trending t-shirt designs on Redbubble and other Print on Demand platforms

This should help you maximize efficiency and lead to greater Redbubble profits – I am doing this on my new store, and I'm hoping to start making sales ASAP, although I am slacking a bit on the social media aspect of things

I currently have 10 designs which i'm proud of, but have to keep pushing and uploading consistently every single day

I will start to make sales, and I will prove that my Redbubble keyword methods and Redbubble SEO methods actually work – at least that is what the plan is

You can easily make variant redbubble designs and upload them on many products this way, without having to worry about contrasting text etc.

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