🤔 Which Print On Demand Marketplace Website Has The BEST SEO? (Redbubble, Teespring, Zazzle, Etsy)

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Want to get started with Print on Demand but you're not sure which marketplace has the best SEO? I wanted to do a quick summary of the power of each Print on Demand marketplace's SEO in this video.

It's a very quick summary, using Ahrefs, if you want to do a similar thing then get a free trial of a similar and cheaper tool, SERanking here (NOT AN AFFILIATE LINK IT'S JUST A UTM TRACKER)

All-in-one SEO softwaremade simple.Finally.

This video uses Ahrefs because I use it for my job

Basically, I just search each domain onto the Ahrefs SEO Tool, and then see how many organic keywords they have

Generally organic keywords are one of the strongest signals that a website has good or bad SEO

So what makes the differenc ebetween these websites? COnsidering the facft that most of these websites use UGC (user-generated-content) then the reason the numbers are so different is likely due to the fact that there are more users of one platform

But it also means that they have better SEO, because the fact that these other websites are missing so many kewords is strange.

It would be great to go into more detail about this, so let me know if you want me to verify the reasons as to why one website has so many more keywords than another website

Anyway, the SEO of the following Print on Demand platforms is checked in this video:



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Thanks for watching guys and PEACE