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I noticed a severe lack of listicle articles while doing some keyword research yesterday – and noticed a huge gap in the market. Making money on Redbubble is tough, but if you bring the market to your store, then you're bound to make more money.

You might say they're not that popular or just aren't ranking, but it's very strange to see almost none

I know from experience that this kind of organic SEO can have very good conversion percentage, meaning you can make more Print on Demand sales by using this method

This method is not restricted to Redbubble, you can do it for any marketplace website

The truth is, most people find what they want to buy by using very generic buyer keywords such as “funny stickers” and currently there are millions of results on each Print on Demand marketplace for keywords like this making the chances of your design ranking on the first page practically zero

However, to rank on Google is a different ball game, and we can say that there is a much higher chance of slipping onto the SERP.

I'll be making more tutorials about this in the future, so let me know what you want to see

Thanks for watching and PEACE

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