Market Your Redbubble Store Using Pure Organic SEO | Print on Demand Tips #Redbubble

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This video shows you an insanely powerful method I've been working on recently, and shows you how to do it in a bit more detail, including how to do the initial keyword research, how to write the articles around the keywords and much more

The idea behind this video is to give you a completely unique and different way of approaching Print on Demand SEO and marketing

SEO can be incredibly competitive, but the Search engine result page of a lot of these keywords is actually much less competitive, and there is space for us to grow into this niche

This method allows us to market our designs directly to people who want to buy something, instead of getting lost in the crowd of thousands of Redbubble artists all screaming for their attention.

The potential here is huge, and remember that these keywords are some of the best keywords you can imagine, and if you get the top spot due to some SEO magic, you will increase your Redbubble Print on Demand Sales