The ONLY Way To Do *FREE* Etsy SEO In 2022 | Niche & Keyword Research Full Tutorial #ETSY

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This video is for all those Etsy sellers out there who are struggling to make sales. This method will allow you to find some gold dust in your specific niche, meaning you can make find keywords based around what people are actually buying, or searching for on google, and then making a product based around that

This method, instead of finding keywords for products you're already selling, means the intent of the buyers is already there, and you can focus on making products that people are looking for

This method brings together my experience with SEO with my experience of Print on Demand keyword finding, to give you a truly unique keyword method that perhaps people haven't thought of

This video is intended to help handmade Etsy sellers find out what is trending in their niches right now and therefore be able to make sales. Remember, a lot of keywords that are trending right now, will become evergreen in the future, meaning that you'll always be making sales on your Etsy account

I did notice, however, that there was huge competition for basically everything on Etsy, meaning that if you feel like you cannot compete, you may actually be better off making your own store on Woocommerce or on Shopify.

This gives you more freedom and will allow you to create pages where only your products appear

I'll make some more videos about this if people are interested