The ONLY Way To Do Redbubble SEO In 2022 | Print on Demand Niche Research Full Tutorial #Redbubble

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Google ad words planner is perhaps the most powerful tool in any serious Print on Demander's arsenal. Increase your sales with this method by latching onto trends that will eventually become evergreen niches.

Do you really think Keyword tools like Top Bubble Index actually know how many people are searching for something every month? They make an educated guess, but they can never be sure

Google, on the other hand, gives 100% accurate estimates to the amount of monthly searchers a keyword has, not only that, but it has a semantic linker between keywords, meaning one keyword can potentially give you hundreds of different Redbubble keywords

This is a guaranteed way to have strong Redbubble or other Print on Demand store SEO. This method works fine also with Merch by Amazon, Zazzle, Etsy, etc.

The point of this method is to show you how to set up your google ad words account, and then how to find keywords, do niche research and much more, for your print on demand store

If you enjoyed the video, please let me know, and thanks for watching guys, it means a lot

This video is a bit longer, as it goes into a bit more detail on how to do specific niche research using tried and tested SEO methods, and google keyword Ad word planner is one of the best ways to find accurate data, including what is currently trending

As I showed you in this video we can mix a few different keyword methods together and find some really nice SEO juice that we can turn into designs and start making sales

This is a great beginner's guide to Redbubble keyword finding, and I hope you find some amazing keywords using this method



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0:00 How to set up Google Ad Word Planner without paying and without a payment method
3:00 Why This keyword tool is so much better than other keyword tools
4:28 Good keywords to use to find some Redbubble Print on Demand SEO Magic
8:05 First niche, pregnancy, super interesting to me
9:51 Using redbubble best selling and google ad words together to find some amazing stuff
10:01 Examples until the end

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