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One of the golden rules of SEO is find things that people aren't designing, but that people are searching for. There is an entire class of products on Redbubble that people intentionally avoid because they are harder to design for.

If you have the design prowess necessary for this method, you can use my Redbubble Keyword methods to identify powerful niches that have A LOT of searches every month, and much less competition.

A great example of this is “Roman Numeral Clocks” which has only 2000 results on Redbubble, and up to 100,000 searches every month. This one keyword alone shows you that there are some golden keywords to be found here – it just takes the right designer and researcher a bit of time to identify them – but once you have, most of them are evergreen niches so you'll be making Print on Demand or Redbubble sales for a long time to come

This method uses Google adwords keyword planner, which you can find out how to set up here:

This will allow you to see how to set up google adwords keyword planner for free, I also used search operators to search through the indexed pages of Redbubble on Google, the search operator I used is:

site:redbubble.com intitle:backpack intext:”1..1000″ results

The final method was keywordtool.io, which you can find on Google

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