Beat Redbubble Algorithm Updates With One Simple Trick

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I'm talking about algorithm updates again today, as a lot of people are saying they've lost their top rankings on Redbubble for certain keywords that was previously giving them a large amount of traffic. This can lead to a huge decrease in sales, so I wanted to make a quick video about how we can beat these Algo updates.

This is a very simple Redbubble upload tutorial, I suggest you do this with all of your best sellers if they've randomly stopped selling

Interestingly, the design I uploaded in this video, is only 5 spots behind my design which is over two years old, after about an hour. This is very interesting, but also a little bit disturbing. Maybe the way around this is to make variation designs of your best-selling redbubble designs, and then uploaded them with slightly different SEO, and seeing whether or not these new designs will outrank your old ones

I highly recommend keeping an eye on your keywords on Redbubble, and if you see some dissappearing, most likely there has been an algorithm update and you may have to change something up.

Don't ever be stationary. Algorithms hate stagnation.

I hope this helps you increase your Redbubble earnings and sales



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