Is Teepublic Better than Redbubble? SEO & Making Money

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The most important thing in Print on demand is making sales – no one wants a million customers and no sales – the whole reason we started this side hustle is to make some money online while we sleep (“passive income”)

The truth is – is being OVERRUN by spammers. It has 6 times more indexed pages on Google than Teepublic, how many of those do you think are spammy products? 50%? Redbubble probably has more spam content on it that Teepublic has pages

This got me thinking, after someone said they are making between 200 and 500 dollars a month on Teepublic, while only making a few sales every month with the same designs on Redbubble

This comment blew me away, and made me realise something: maybe Redbubble isn't as good as I thought it was

So I gave Teepublic a try, and I have started to upload to it, let's see how it goes – The bulk uploader on Teepublic is honestly great, and the fact that the designs look instantly good everytime on every product is also great

If you want me to do some more videos about Teepublic let me know –



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