30 Minutes of Redbubble Keyword Niche Research – Find Best Sellers – NO PAID TOOLS

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I decided to show you guys some insight into how I find keywords which I know will sell, this method uses already selling designs to do niche research around those niches and try to find variation designs or similar keywords. If you don't know how to set up Google Ad Words, watch this video here:

Redbubble trending and evergreen keywords can be hard to find, so I have recently been showing more and more how to actually do niche research, how to verify a print on demand keyword, and how to actually make money with Print on Demand

Niche research is difficult, and websites like teepublic and Redbubble have limited options when it comes to giving you keywords straight up, so we have to get creative with it and try and find different ways to find these golden niches

The idea is to find really popular niches, and research around the niche for potentially less popular keywords in that niche, but ones which have a lot less competition, and we can therefore make sales in

Everyone is trying to make sales, we're not bothered about just getting traffic, so by using buying keywords, we know that people actually buy this product, and therefore it's a perfect niche if there is an actual buyer keyword in there

Redbubble does not rank that well honestly, and I was disappointed to see just how bad their SEO was in this particular video, as you can see very frequently even their best selling keywords were not ranking on the front page of Google.

This gives me even more reason to think that setting up your own website for your specific designs is the way to go

Anyway I hope this video helps you find some niches and some keywords which will increase your passive income and help you make some sales on Redbubble today!

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