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One of the main things I struggle with is finding a place to find a large amount of keywords for free. Often times, people recommend paid tools such as Merch Informer etc – But free research for Print on Demand keywords is always better than paid research

Video I mentioned in this video:

In todays video, I do something so simple that I can't believe I didn't think of this before

Go on pinterest, type in Funny t-shirts, and see all the golden niches and keywords rain down on you in seconds. Check each niche against your chosen Print on Demand platform (for example, check the results on Etsy or ) and if it's low competition with high amount of searchers every month (using the Google Ad Words Keyword planner to check volume) then you know you've found an amazing Niche

This simplifies the process of Redbubble SEO and makes it A LOT EASIER to find some amazing juicy keywords, just make sure to make your own design and that's it – you're done

Thanks for watching guys and I'll see you really soon with some more content



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