Redbubble SEO in 8 Minutes – Title, Tags, Description #Redbubble #makemoneyonline2022

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Get a perspective on SEO from a professional SEO in 8 minutes, for free – A lot of people overcomplicate this very simple process. As we don't have a lot of control over the SEO of our products, the best thing to do is focus on the strongest part of our SEO, which is of course the title

All you really have to do to rank on Redbubble is put the main keyword in the title. That's it. Google now has enough information to make you rank for 80 different pages, from that one keyword.

This is because Redbubble creates many pages from that one keyword, for all the different products, and each one of these can technically rank on Google, if you find good enough niche keywords using the methods that I have taught you over the years.

This method works guys, I don't know why i get so much flack. I've made sales by doing this, and finding low competition niches works incredibly well for this

I hope this video helps you increase your Redbubble sales and makes you some nice passive income using organic SEO. My store still makes sales from only 100 designs, so you can definitely see how this method can lead to making some nice money from your laptop at home

Thanks for watching and PEACE