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Using google sites, we can index our products more easily by giving an authority backlink from Google to our store. This will help with our stores indexing issues. Redbubble SEO is simple, but if our store is not indexed, we cannot take full advantage of the potential organic traffic we could be bringing to the website

If you have the noindex tag on your store, it's possible that this may help, as the more authority a store builds, Redbubble may start to remove the tag and start to rank your store and give you the chance to make some sales

The issues with my new store have been fixed, and I'm now working hard on this new project. I'm uploading a few designs every day, using my tried and trusted SEO techniques, making sure everything has demand, and slowly but surely I can expect to start to make Organic SEO Sales

Don't let Redbubble control the narrative, and fight back against indexing issues, don't even just accept defeat, keep trying, keep finding new ways to rank, and make those Redbubble sales, making money online from your laptop

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