The ONE Reason I Don’t Sell On Etsy

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Selling on Etsy is not as easy as most people will have you believe, international ecommerce is no easy feat, even if you're using a Print on Demand company. I wanted to make this video to give people a fair warning about what the reality of international shipping is, and why it can become a problem quickly if you're not incredibly well organised to begin with.

Sorry if the volume is a bit low, it will be resolved for the next video, definitely recommend some headphones if you can't hear it (sorry again)

Trust me when I say that customers can be really difficult to deal with, and customer care is not easy for some people, and practically impossible for others.

It takes a lot of patience to deal with customers, and you have to often sacrifice something to make them happy. For example, if your customer wants to make a return, how will you deal with it?

People want you to believe that making money on Etsy is simple, and you should expand your operations into it immediately. I am guilty of this, as I made one of these videos, although it only got about 500 views.

Please note – You can make money on Etsy, and it can be a good side hustle, but there can be huge unforeseen problems with basically every shipment, and with little accountability for courier companies, selling even something like Print on Demand can be a huge problem and not passive income at all

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