Complete Beginners Guide To Selling Apparel Online In 2022 | T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats

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In this episode of Apparel Success, Rob shares a complete beginners guide to selling clothes online in 2022. One of the most important aspects of starting a clothing brand is learning how to sell and market your clothing brand online. There is so much more to marketing a clothing brand than “social media marketing”. Most new clothing brand startups focus too much on social media marketing (tiktok marketing, instagram marketing, facebook marketing, etc) – before properly staging their brand online. Mastering your brand concept and perfecting your brand's website is pivotal to the success of your social media marketing strategies.

Once you stage your brand properly however, driving traffic to your website through Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube can be an incredible strategy to get sales for your brand. I want to lay out everything you need to do to start making sales for your clothing brand as quickly as possible. This info applies to your clothing brand, clothing line, fashion brand, fashion line, streetwear brand, streetwear line, t shirt business, print on demand (POD), dropshipping and beyond!