How I Make Sure My Clothing Brand Is Always Profitable With Ads | Facebook, TikTok, And Google Ads

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In this video, Rob shares a tool called Triple Whale that simplifies reporting so that you can track your profits and optimize your ads much easier. The Triple Pixel gives you more than just first/last click attribution. Their server-side pixel tracks all your first party data to help increase your ROI on ad spend. Triple Whale allows you to gain clarity into every customer and purchase, easily view your top performing ads and generate reports to inform future production, and understand your customers spending habits and accurately forecast your brand.

With raising CPMs and iOS14.5 impeding the ability to make the right decision, it is reckless to run an ad account on platform metrics. Facebook Ads and TikTok Ads attribution is all over the map and very difficult to rely on when making decisions for your brand. Simply put, Triple Whale gives you better data to make better decisions. Inject every campaign, ad set and ad with first party data – I highly recommend it!

For a clothing brand looking to scale up their facebook ads, Instagram ads and TikTok ads there isn't a better tool I've found. My clothing brand has improved drastically ever since I started using Triple Whale. I run all of my facebook ads, TikTok ads and Google Ads through it. I hope this tool is as much of a game-changer for your brand as it is for mine!