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A common question is how to promote your Print on demand designs on websites such as , Merch By Amazon, and Etsy – By using Pinterest. The real secret is to understand the secret sauce of Pinterest – It works very much like Quora, where used generated content becomes cannon fodder for Google's algorithm

We can use Pinterest to become a powerful fource for Organic SEO – This will also help people on TeePublic who have been told that they are not allowed to be advertised on their market

This will also help people who have been shadowbanned by the no index tag on Redbubble!

Don't let these websites command how you advertise – take matters into your own hands and start to abuse the known tactics of SEOs today!

This is exactly how people dominate the SERP and make a crap tonne of sales from different sources

I suggest you look at this in more detail guys, and remember that Pinterest is not a social media, as much as it's an organic traffic machine

Pinterest has some of the best SEO i've ever seen, so make sure you take advantage of this today!

This is a Redbubble and Print on demand SEO tutorial for pinterest!

Thanks for watching and I hope this helps you increase your Redbubble sales and make more money online

0:00 Introduction – A quick note for my Subscribers – Please let me know in the comments what you think
1:59 Skip here for Pinterest and Redbubble Content
2:12 The difference between Pinterest and Instagram and other websites like Facebook etc
3:10 How Pinterest actually can get you organic traffic to your website – It's very similar to Quora
4:05 How Pinterest actually works – and how you can dominate google organic traffic using Pinterest for Redbubble
5:14 Using Boards and Pins with good descriptions and well researched titles is a great way to take a slice of Google traffic from competitors
5:40 A few random Pin ideas so you can understand what I'm talking about
7:00 A few quick ways to find niche ideas to advertise your Redbubble products on Pinterest
8:02 A great example – with Pinterest on the SERP Pin – Exactly as I said in this video
8:49 Making Organic Print on Demand sales on Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle etc IS BASED ON YOUR VISIBILITY

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