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There is a really easy way to abuse algorithms which we can use to our advantage on Print on Demand websites, and generally ways to make passive income online

This method has 3 different steps, basically it's:

Identifying a niche and keword
Making a new design or web page or video
Posting a very high quality piece of content

We are basically poking the algorithm and saying “here's my new piece of content!” and if we do our job properly, you can guarantee that the algorithm will do its job properly too

Algorithms are fairly intelligent, but only Google's is sophisticated enough to not abuse easily – the rest of them, for example and Etsy, are really easy to abuse

I am showing you how to abuse these algorithms and make increased sales but DO NOT TAG SPAM. That is not the point of this video

Make a very high quality design with good SEO that people will click and you will make a lot of sales on that design over time

Thanks for watching guys, thanks for all of the support recently, and especially on the last video – I asked you to comment what you thought and you all got back to me and told me to keep going!

Expect more SEO content and more Redbubble and Print on Demand content

This method is also important for :

Redbubble SEO
Merch by Amazon SEO
Etsy SEO
TeePublic SEO
Zazzle SEO



0:00 Introduction – the three pillars of Abusing an algorithm
0:45 Keywords and Niches – Watch my Playlist to find out how to do this
1:20 Place the keyword in your title to abuse Algorithms easily, and build out links on external websites with that keyword as the anchor text
2:10 The second pillar is releasing new content – this can be variation designs or from scratch
2:57 How to stand out on Redbubble using this method
3:20 Why Redbubble promotes new artists and gets you hooked
4:57 The third pillar and the most important thing for Visibility online: Quality.

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