How To Design & Sell Pet Portraits on Etsy (Niche Overview)

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If you are selling print-on-demand products or digital designs like printables on sites like Etsy, , Creative Fabrica or your own website (using Shopify for example) – here is a great niche idea that can be very lucrative. I've been designing and selling customized pet portraits for friends, family and strangers for years. This is a profitable niche and there are many different types of products that you can design. Cat portraits, dog portraits—or any beloved family member!

Let the brainstorming begin as I cover cat, dog and pet portraits in this high-level overview video. I also include some resources on where you can find public domain images (which have no copyright restrictions). It's free, fun and profitable!

00:00 The Potential
01:29 Opportunity #1
08:06 Opportunity #2
09:51 Opportunity #3
11:47 Opportunity #4
13:43 Opportunity #5