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The Search Engine Result page or SERP is the most fundamental part of organic marketing and yet it's something that is often misunderstood

Before we understand what the SERP is we have to understand why it's so important to our Print on Demand marketing efforts, and why it's so important to help us make sales on , Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Zazzle, and all the other Print on Demand marketplace platforms

This print on demand tutorial shows people what the SERP is, and how we can use it

The reason is that the SERP Is the first point of contact for organic buyers, which represents a huge proportion of Redbubble traffic and potential buyers for all Print on Demand companies – in fact, most of these companies have made a living from abusing the SERP

We can take this knowledge and use it to our advantage, by posting to multiple websites, including free-to-post websites such as Pinterest and Medium

Understanding the SERP is fundamental to organic marketing, so I decided to make this video to help people out with their basic knowledge of things in SEO such as the SERP

Making money online in 2022 is hard, so it's important that tutorials like this exist, in order to help people maximise their income. A lot of people waste time on really unimportant things, where most of the time it would be better off doing something else – for example, instead of watching videos on YouTube, you should just upload to more websites, upload to instagram ,get your designs infront of people

Visibility is the most important part of any online business, and as Print on Demand is a free business to start, and you can advertise on many different free platforms, it makes sense to get started today!

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