🤯 Simple Organic SEO Trick To Make Thousands Of Redbubble Sales

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This is a tried and tested metohd to bring real people who are ready to shop to your website, or your board on Pinterest, whatever it might be

The method uses the fact that Algorithms test new content to see if they think it is worthy of ranking at the top, and if so they will start to organically promote your content

Basically, we look at what is currently trending in the world, or something that will always be trending (think Funny t-shirts as well for example that would work)

Then we create content around that keyword, and niche down within the article so that we can really start to gain some traction and some traffic

I give an example in this video of “best suit brands in 2022/23” – My logic was if I can write something that is as good/better than my competitors, then why wouldn't Google rank my content?

Don't worry if you don't have your own website you can post to Reddit, Pinterest, or Medium for free

I would probably recommend creating a Pinterest board, and keyword stuffing it, then pinning all of your designs into that board

To be honest this probably has the best chance of ranking online

However, if you have your own website and you're willing to put the effort into making some good content for organic seo, you can guarantee that you will start to make sales on and other Print on demand marketplaces through Google

Google is incredibly powerful, and these kinds of articles are how people choose what to buy, no matter how strange that sounds to you

Thanks for watching guys and as usual PEACE

I will add Hindi and Arabic subtitles – please let me know if you want any other languages

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0:00 Introduction – Professional SEO talking about Redbubble and Print on demand websites
0:25 An example of this method from Redbubble – Promoting current relevant content
1:00 An example from me – The wesbite I work for – Promoting content that can compete for VERY COMPETITIVE KEYWORDS
2:20 Breaking down Redbubble's page to explain how the actual SEO works
3:46 A live example from another website from an article written 7 days ago
4:20 Posting to free websites creating organic SEO rich pages and populating those pages with our designs
6:22 Creating updated version of Pinterest pins to take their spots and then monetizing that content in various ways is a GREAT IDEA
8:00 The logic explained – you are not going to be featured on Redbubble – So we have to advertise ourselves – this is why TeePublic relies on your marketing
11:15 Writing different ones every year is so important to be updated and current – you'll be surprised what you can rank for by doing this!!!!!!!!!!

This is a Redbubble Tutorial for Organic SEO and will hopefully lead to you making sales on Redbubble and other Print on Demand platforms