The *TRUTH* About Redbubble No Indexing Shadow bans

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Most people are familiar with the Noindexing issue on which is causing their Redbubble designs to not be indexed on Google, and therefore a lot of people think this means they won't make any sales


Basically, Redbubble choses (programmatically – not manually) to place a piece of HTML code on your Redbubble products known in SEO as a “noindex tag”. This tells Google (which Google listens 100% of the time) DO NOT INDEX THIS PAGE. It is *NORMALLY* used to noindex spammy category filtered URLs that will affect your ranking negatively on Google, however since 2019/20 Redbubble and other marketplace websites have been using it to reduce the amount of indexable pages on their website, at the cost of some of their legitimate users.


I'm here to tell you that even if my store wasn't indexed on Google, and none of my products appeared there, I would still be making sales using Print on Demand

In this video I explore a few different options for making sales despite Redbubble placing a Noindex tag on their designs, these suggestions include:

1. Making sales through Redbubble Search Result Pages (Organic SEO)
2. Using websites like Pinterest to sell long-term evergreen niches

If you have the noindex tag, then don't worry! It's not all lost. You can still easily make money with Print on Demand

The beautiful thing about my Redbubble keyword methods is that they use SEO Logic to rank on Google, and it doesn't technically matter which Print on Demand website you are using

I am trying to encourage my viewers to think beyond “just upload and hope for the best” – this only works if you know exactly what you're doing with keywords/SEO