Free Redbubble Design And Keyword Method to Make GUARANTEED SALES

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This method works for all print on demand websites – so whether you're on or any other website such as Zazzle, Merch by Amazon, Etsy, and more, you'll definitely want to check out this video

The first thing to say is that this playlist will give you extra information should you need it in order to do this completely free redbubble keyword method:

As usual, I show you exactly how to do this completely for free, which will allow you to make some extra money online every month simply by investing some of your time into automating some of these tasks – and then spending the time to manually uploading your designs to redbubble

If you don't use any automation software, you can do about 30 designs a day on Redbubble in about 2 hours, do this for one month, leave it for a year, and see how many sales you have

The time invested will be worth it, and you can finally make some decent passive income online using print on demand

This tutorial comes from an SEO Expert who has 6 years experience working as an SEO – and i know how this works, basically we are creating product pages around keywords that people are already searching for

at the end of this video I show you an amazing example, without any prior planning, which will blow you away! Up to 1k searches on google every month and 0 results on Redbubble

Thanks for watching guys and I hope this helps you increase your Redbubble earnings and helps you make some Redbubble sales and some passive income from home online


0:00 Intro – the playlist showing you how to do this in more detail if you're interested
1:05 Showing the two sales in my Redbubble dashboard 8 MONTHS AFTER THE DESIGNS WERE UPLOADED
2:00 How to find where your Redbubble sales come from
4:25 Finding out that I could have made even more sales if I hadn't shared the method
5:01 How to find out how many searches per month a keyword has
6:25 Variation design keywords – how this method works – meme templates
6:35 Free keyword tools to do this method with, how to use them
8:30 Using canva to mass produce designs for free
12:30 A few ways to find these keywords

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