Top Print on Demand Niches | Find, Research, Verify Keywords | Redbubble, Etsy, Displate and more!

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This video is much more than just a top print of demand niches video – it's also a summary of how to find these niches for yourself

Not only this, but I show you EXACTLY how to verify each niche one by one, using ONLY FREE TOOLS.

How to set up Google Ad Words Keyword Planner to verify Print on Demand niches:

The search operator for this video (example): intext:”300..999 results”

Free keyword spreadsheet for validated Print on Demand niches:

This video will not only give you 6 different Print on Demand niches to help you make money online, but it will also teach you how to find and verify your own niches and keywords

Hopefully I can help some people find their own print on demand niches, and every once in a while you can find that golden nugget that has huge amounts of searches every month!

The main idea here is to help those Etsy and Redbubble Print on Demand store owners and sellers find keywords and niches for themselves, where they know profit and sales lie in wait!

0:00 Introduction – the best free tools for Print on Demand niche research in 2023
1:48 The search operator which allows me to see keywords that no one else can see
2:24 First example
3:11 How to verify a niche using Google Ad Word Keyword Planner, checking keywords around the main keyword on Redbubble
3:40 Always check the Google SERP
6:05 Difference between Ahrefs keyword generator, google adword keyword planner, and
7:50 Second example, parking signs
8:43 Displate could be an interesting option + less competition
9:04 How to get loads of variation keywords using
12:51 Third example – really important example of being able to rank directly on Google using Redbubble or another print on demand website
15:48 Fourth Example – Cheese puns + Pinterest example
16:49 Make a board to advertise your Redbubble designs on Google
17:30 The golden example – cursed cat images, huge searches low competition, redbubble ranking number 2
20:00 Final example, could be copyright


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