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This method uses a few different pieces of well known SEO logic, to piece together a print on demand keyword method like no other – something that lets you latch onto trends as they appear and allow you to start making sales in a niche before any other keyword method or keyword tool even find out the keyword exists

The reason is that we're going to be using Google Ad Word Keyword Planner to evaluate certain word combinations

For example “I + SHIRT”

There are many keywords which use I and Shirt in their titles, and on the designs, for example I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND has up to 10,000 searches every month

But obviously this is going to be very saturated, so how can we get around this and find low competition trending keywords by using sort by trending – this not only means we're looking at t-shirt designs which Google considered to be trending, but also they are more likely to be low competition keywords as well

We can use this to our advantage in several ways, but the main way is by making designs to fit all of these trending and Print on Demand keywords

This Redbubble and Print on Demand SEO Keyword method uses logic that is known to many different people – but not necessarily to SEO noobs – that is why I am making this video, to give you guys a free way to find keywords on Redbubble and Etsy, Merch by Amazon, Zazzle, Teepublic and more

This Keyword method and niche research method works for all Print on Demand websites, I just always put Redbubble in the title as it gets the most views

Thanks for watching guys and I hope this helps you make some money online through Print on Demand and helps you sell some T-shirts!