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This video is a general keyword method and niche research method that allows you to make Google trends a searchable entity, and use it to find specific keywords


This was something I always thought was a big disadvantage of Google Trends, as it didn't allow you to find good, solid keywords and trending data about keywords very easily, meaning we can use some classic SEO tricks of using phrase match keywords in the title of our Redbubble, Merch by Amazon, Etsy, Teepublic or other Print on Demand platform designs

This method works so well because we're checking every single time three different things:

1. Where our marketplace website ranks for the keyword on Google
2. How many designs your chosen Print on Demand marketplace has
3. How many searches on Google per month the keyword has

You can very easily judge the popularity of a keyword by searching it on Google Ad Word Keyword planner, which is my favorite way to check the traffic of a particular niche or keyword for free, as well as finding some potential other tags and potential other keywords from the free keyword tool

Thanks to for releasing such an amazing keyword tool, and although it sucks we can't go into a bit more detail, I have some more videos coming about different ways to use tools similar to this one to find a crap tone of keywords for our Print on Demand sales adventures!

I hope this video helps you improve your Print on Demand sales, allowing you to make more money online, using only free tools, and by using my redbubble keyword niche research methods and Print on Demand SEO guides



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