7 Harsh Truths About Entrepreneurship | What They Don’t Tell You

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*** Show Notes ***

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In this episode of Apparel Success, Rob shares drops red pills on the truth about entrepreneurship. The truth about entrepreneurship is that it is not for everyone. This is the honest truth no entrepreneur will tell you. Practical wisdom is necessary to move forward effectively. Use this entrepreneur vlog to move your small business forward.

0:00 Most New Entrepreneurs Are Delusional
1:22 Truth #1: Nobody Is Coming To Save You
2:22 Truth #2: We Are Not Entitled To Rewards For Their Efforts, Time, Or Passion
3:27 Truth #3: It Usually Costs Double And Takes Twice As Long
4:20 Truth #4: Work/Life Balance Is A Myth (At The Beginning)
5:18 Truth #5: Constant Uncertainty
6:20 Truth #6: Increased Stress
7:14 Truth #7: Loneliness