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Working on a store or on another Print on Demand marketplace can be easy money, but the problem is it's not a very good long-term business. Especially when you can get banned at any time

In this video I talk about your options, and how you can beat tag spammers. The main way I would recommend doing this is making your own website, and setting it up in a way that it's likely to rank on Google.

If you upload a crap load of designs onto a Shopify website, lay them out in the right way, and make collections from them based on niches, I'm absolutely certain that you will start to make good money

Don't let Redbubble tag spammers determine whether or not you make sales, make your own website, market it properly, and make some serious money online

Yes it's a lot of work, but once it's set up you can just upload some new t-shrit designs based on trending stuff and you'll make sales as long as you set everything up properly

Thanks for watching guys and I hope this helps you make some Print on Demand sales