AFFINITY PHOTO – Apply Tattoos (Easy Tutorial For Beginners)

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Tattoos are a popular genre for high-end art prints, t-shirt designs and all sorts of print-on-demand products. In this video, I walk through how to put a tattoo on a model using Affinity Photo. I cover a few different application techniques and you can mix and match them up as needed to achieve a great-looking art design.

Affinity Photo is a great photo editing program, but it can be intimidating to learn from scratch. Here's an EASY step-by-step tutorial designed for COMPLETE BEGINNERS who want to make great-looking artwork.

00:00 1st Example (Man)
01:55 Technique 1
03:20 Eraser Tips
05:40 2nd Example (Woman)
06:15 Technique 2
07:48 More Eraser Tips

Affinity Photo: