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This is a new method that uses search operators to generate unlimited #printondemand niche ideas and keywords.

If you're serious about your Print on Demand business, whether it be Merch by Amazon, Zazzle, Etsy, etc. You need to know one thing – how to effectively generate keywords which will make you sales.

This is an essential part of the online money making process, and as more and more people come into the space it's important to know how to intercept trends as they are born

I am also looking into this method as a way to find emerging blog post ideas, that will be able to give the new website I am working for the competitive advantage when it comes to SEO

This video, however, is all about #redbubble Keywords and general Print on Demand keywords

Here's the video I mentioned in this video to set up the Google tool:

Print on demand SEO is not so difficult – all you have to do is have the right keywords and a way to find new emerging trends, that will probably become evergreen in the future as well.

Everything in this video is 100% free, because I don't really like making too many videos about paid tools, when you can so easily do free organic keyword research.

Thanks for watching and I hope this helps you increase your Redbubble sales and let's you keep making more Redbubble earnings in the future