5 Amazing Prints From A DTF Printer That Will Change Your Business

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You're a business owner who wants to increase efficiency and get ahead of the competition.

You can do all that and more with DTF Printers. Sublistars printers can print quickly, efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost of other printers on the market.

Not only will you save time and money with Sublistar printers, but your prints will also look amazing! They'll be sure to grab attention and make an impact. So what are you waiting for? Order your DTF printer today!

Sublistar has been developing digital inkjet printers for 13+ years. They are one of the most innovative company in this industry and offer complete solutions for transfer on all kinds of different materials and fabrics.

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Transcript of the Video

I'm going to show you five amazing prints that  a DTF printer can create that will change your   business hi my name is RJ Martinez a lot of  people don't know what a DTF printer is or   what it can do I'm going to break it down  for you and show you how these prints can   help your business grow stay tuned to the very  end what is a DTF printer and how does it work   a DTF printer is a type of printer that uses  an inkjet printing process the letters DTF   stand for direct to filament and not that  out of the word which refers to the way in   which the ink is disposed onto the paper in a  DTF printer ink is stored in small cartridges   that are located in the printer head when the  printhead moves across the page it selectively   drops small dots of ink onto the paper the  size and the spacing of the dots determines  .

The final image that is printed DTF printers are  typically used for printing text and graphics on   Plain paper however some models can also be  used for printing photos and other images the most popular type of print is a full color  print this type of print is made by printing one   color at a time each print is printed on top of  other colors until the final image is completed   these prints are often used for photographs or  other images that need to be printed in high   detail other types of prints that can be printed  with a DTF printer include poster prints and   even canvas prints poster prints are perfect for  advertising or displaying information in a public   place canvas prints are ideal for displaying  artwork or photos in home or office with so many   different types of prints available there is sure  to be a DTF printer that can meet your specific  .

Needs the benefits of using a DTF printer for your  business DTF printers are the latest technology in   the printing industry and offer many benefits  for your businesses for one DTF printers are   much faster than a traditional printers meaning  that you can get your prints done in a fraction   of the time additionally DTF printers use less ink  than traditional printers which means they're more   affordable to operate and be because DTF printers  don't require a separate printer cartridge there   are also more environmentally friendly finally  DTF printers produce prints that are of a higher   quality than traditional printers making it  perfect for businesses that need to make a   great impression whether you're looking to save  time money or the environment investing in a DTF   printer is a smart choice for your business how  to choose the best type of print for your business  .

Every business has its own printing needs there's  no one-size-fit-all solution when it comes to   choosing the best type of print for your business  the first step is to access your needs and   determine what you will be using the prints for  are you looking for prints that are durable and   long lasting or do you need prints that are cheap  and easy to produce once you have a better idea of   your needs you can begin to research the different  types of printing that are available and compare   them to find the best solution for your business  screen printing for example is a popular choice   for businesses that need high quality prints that  will last for years however screen printing can be   expensive and time consuming so it may not be the  best option if you need cheap and fast prints on   the other hand digital printing is a popular  choice for businesses that need high quality  .

Prints quickly and easily without breaking the  bank no matter what your needs are there is a type   of printing that will suit your business by taking  the time to assess your needs and your options you   can find the best type of prints for your business  here is a pillowcase as you can see the print on   there really awesome got a Halloween design with a  bat got a little pumpkin on there and a cat and a   little tree right you zoom in real close you can  see the little girls touch the shadow of the bat   really awesome design here is a mask okay here's a little pouch happy Halloween and you  can see the quality of the print really nice they were a pair of socks that they sent me   um you can see a little haunted house in the  middle so Mickey Mouse design right and it's  .

Just an example okay these are just on a pair of  socks just for an example not for sale next is a   t-shirt okay this is a Gildan t-shirt and you can  see you got a cat cat witch or in a hat okay on   top of a pumpkin and then we got a baby onesie  a baby onesie you can see Christmas theme okay   got a present you got a little train right there  with a little snowman Christmas tree candy cane   center right there check out these uh sublist star  prints that I got sent to me as you can see okay   so there's an actual paper itself Simply Beautiful  okay but you can see this is the actual paper that   it's printed on okay so I wanted to show you these  examples um I'd have this design on a shirt in   this video If you guys don't see that this is the  actual print on the paper itself and here are a   few other ones these are some really detailed  uh prints as you can see look real closely  .

All right even pause this if you have to to see  um the print and the detail work on if I'm going   a little bit too fast this one's right here  this one's really cool too look at this print really really awesome star is having a Black  Friday sale you can get up to 60 percent off   and this is off of printing machines and  supplies if you tell them RJ Martinez sent   you they will give you an additional discount  or a free gift so check out the products that   they have and you can see what it is right here  you can see you know this is the original price   and this is the sale price and this is the  original price and this is the sale price   okay so this is it right here and I'll put  this link Down Below in the description so   you can check out their Black Friday sale  if you got any value from this video make  .

Sure you guys give this video a thumbs up and  subscribe to my channel thank you very much

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