6 Simple Tips for Winning the Holiday ECommerce Season

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You don't want to miss out on these 6 simple tips for winning the holiday eCommerce season!

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If you're looking to boost your sales this holiday season, you need to watch this video. It's packed with useful information that will help you get ahead of the competition.

Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to a successful holiday season – no matter what business you're in. So what are you waiting for?

Click the link below to read more about how to win the holiday eCommerce season.

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Transcript of the Video

As the holiday approaches online retailers  are getting geared up for the busiest time   of the year and with a good reason and with online  shopping getting more and more popular most people   are going to do their online shopping this year so  make sure your holiday business is ready for the   e-commerce Rush here are a few tips first start  early the sooner you start getting your holiday   marketing and promotions in order the better  holiday Shoppers are notorious early planners   so you need to make sure that you are visible  and top of Mind well in advance of the actual   holiday second focus on your existing customers  it's cheaper and easier to sell to your existing   customers than it is to require new ones so make  sure that you're giving them extra attention   during the holiday send them personalized holiday  greetings offer them exclusive deals and discounts  .

And generally show them some love they'll  appreciate it and they are most likely to   buy from you as a result with gelato plus gold you  get free shipping trustpilot 450 Plus reviews you   got 4.7 out of 5 Stars Shopify apps store 140 Plus  reviews 4.5 out of 5 Stars replace your shipping   cost with profit and that is the goal right here  sign up for gelato plus gold today for 299 a month   or 1499 for the year the link will be down below  in the description and make sure you use my coupon   code finally don't forget about the post holiday  sales just because Christmas is over doesn't mean   the shopping is done in fact many retailers see  a spike in sales after Christmas as people take   advantage of the post holiday sales make sure you  got some great deals lined up for after Christmas   so you can keep that momentum going by following  these tips you can make sure your eCommerce  .

Business is ready for a successful holiday season  delivery on time with local production get your   products to your customers before the holiday  ends local production is a great way to get your   products to your customers before the holiday ends  by keeping your printing local you can be sure   that your products will be delivered on time and  in good condition in addition local production is   is often more efficient and cost effective than  shipping products from overseas because you don't   want your products arriving two months after  Christmas right as a result you can save money   and time by producing your products locally so if  you're looking for a way to deliver your products   on time and keep your customers happy consider  local production apparel expansion in the U.S   take advantage of the holiday shopping Rush by  expanding your apparel offerings to the American  .

Consumer the holiday shopping season is a critical  time for retailers an apparel is one of the most   popular categories and with people shopping  more and more online people are buying clothes   and accessories more than ever making it ideal for  businesses to expand their apparel offerings there   are a few key trends that businesses should keep  in mind when planning for the holiday collections   first Comfort is King consumers are looking  for clothing that they feel good in whether   they're relaxing at home or out running errands  second athleisure is still going strong Americans   love their cozy leggings and Casual sneakers and  they're willing to spend money on products that   combine style and comfort finally sustainable  and athletical fashion is becoming more and   more important to Shoppers many consumers are  looking for brands that share their values so  .

Businesses that can tap into this trend will well  be positioned for Success this holiday season this   holiday season avoid the hassle of cross-border  shipping by shopping locally by you using a local   printer will help you avoid the customs and delays  personally I have had shirts where they're shipped   to customers and then they'll be held by Customs  for a long period of time which in return will   delay the order and get the customer met customers  don't like when products are staying in one place   for a long period of time they think that you  know they lost their products not going to get   there in time for their gift and they get very  very concerned and sometimes they will discount   on order and you do not want that so it's very  important that you use a local print provider that   is in the U.S or in the country that your customer  is in so it's important that you use a local print  .

Provider in your area sign up for gelato Gold  Plus today and receive 60 off your first order   link is going to be down below in the description  and make sure you use my coupon code tap into the   world's largest Network for production on demand  there's no denying the power of a good Network   when it comes to production you can even find  a partner to help you meet even the tightest   deadlines the vastness of the network means that  there's always a printer that's perfect to match   your needs and with the ability to connect to  print providers directly you can avoid the time   consuming and expensive equipment and today's  fast-paced world having access to a Global   Network of production is a valuable asset sell to  customers in any Market reach Shoppers all around   the world this holiday season the holiday season  is a great time to reach new customers all around  .

The world so many people are shopping online for  gifts there's no better time to sell your products   internationally there are a few things to keep in  mind when you're selling internationally however   first you need to make sure that your website is  very optimized for international search engines   unless you're selling like on a platform like  Amazon.com or Etsy this means using the correct   keywords and language for each market you also  need to ensure that your checkout process is   simple and easy for customers to use in different  countries finally you'll need to be aware of any   Customs or import taxes that could apply to your  products but if you keep all these things in mind   you'll be able to reach new customers and markets  this holiday season check out how I ordered this   awesome t-shirt using gelato right here and thank  you very much for watching make sure you guys  .

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