FULL GUIDE To Beating The Clothing Brand Game: Secrets To Leveling Up Your Clothing Line 10x Faster

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Brand Crowd: https://www.brandcrowd.com/apparelsuccess

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In this episode of Apparel Success, Rob gives a full guide (step by step) to leveling up your clothing brand in 2022. We cover how to market your clothing brand, the importance of having a well thought out marketing strategy/marketing plan, and so much more. This understanding and mindset will help you grow your private label clothing brand so much faster. Every new level you reach will require smarter and smarter strategies to make more sales. How to start a clothing brand in 2022 – you start at level one and continuously problem solve until you are where you want to go. Make more sales by using better strategies. This info applies to your clothing brand, clothing line, fashion brand, fashion line, streetwear brand, streetwear line, t shirt business, print on demand (POD), dropshipping and beyond!

Transcript of the Video

I don't play many video games anymore but everybody who's played video games has had the experience of playing a level in a game or playing a boss where it just seems so hard to beat that boss like you've been playing it for hours and you just can't seem to get through this boss like he just keeps killing you right at the final second and you try.

Jumping over the fireball then sliding under the Fireball and then he hits you with the third Fireball and it's like damn it I just don't know what to do to beat this boss and then finally because you keep your head down you keep working at it you finally figure out how to beat that boss oh if I just jump over the first Fireball I don't slide into the.

Second one I jump over that one and then I slide under the third one then I jump on the boss's head boom I beat the boss and now that you know that now you know how to beat him you can basically do it every single time effortlessly it's like that boss that once was so hard to beat is just like so easy you can just like chill and just like talk to your friends.

While you beat the boss and it's literally the exact same thing with your clothing brand every single level that I've grown through whether it was making a thousand dollars a month then making ten thousand dollars a month then twenty thousand dollars thirty thousand dollars a month every single level that I've gotten to and have been striving to get.

To the next one I've had this moment where I go this is so hard like how do I actually get my brand to that next point and then once I figure it out once I know how to do it it's repeatable and I can just basically do it every single time and that level just doesn't seem as daunting and it's just like the easiest thing in the world and so in this video.

Here I'm going to share with you my personal experiences taking my brand through each of the levels and how every single level that I was trying to get through required some new strategy some new way of thinking and just basically figuring out the way to beat the level and I think that this is going to be extremely eye-opening for those clothing.

Brand owners that are stuck they can't seem to get to the next level that they're trying to get to here it is apparel success is sponsored by my buds over at Brand crowd brand crowd's a logo maker tool you type in the name of the logo that you want to have made Smack That enter button thousands of logos will come up you choose the logo that.

You like you can edit refine that logo as long as you want for free until it's perfect this is a hundo P design I had made for my own clothing brand using brand crowd if you're interested head over to brandcrowd.com forward slash apparel success and you can get 66 off at checkout one of the big issues with new clothing brands is they think that.

If they just put their head down and they just work for years that they're eventually going to be a multi-million dollar brand eventually and that's really not the way that it works that's the way that it works to get like through the first or second level of the video game but the way that this works generally is the more that you go up in.

Levels with your brand the more and more you get away from the grunt work and just like the head down just mindless work and the more and more you actually have to start working smarter rather than harder and so one of the things that I've come to realize is that it's less about the hard work and it's more about the problem solving and figuring.

Out the how like figuring out how exactly you're going to get through that boss so I want to share my experience with this seven years ago when I started up my clothing brand level one getting through the first level was getting my first 100 customers for my clothing brand from people that I didn't know personally having people order my brand.

That don't have some biased reason to support me and make me feel good and make me feel like I'm supported like having 100 customers from people that I don't know personally and at the time this seemed like a really hard thing to do like that was level one and you had to get through it and the way that I got through that.

Level was I set up my brand well enough so that there were no mistakes on the website I had a clear sort of brand identity it wasn't perfect but people could kind of get on board with what the brand was about on social media on Instagram I would make my posts on a regular basis but even that wasn't really enough to get.

Past level one because at the time your post when you started up a new account they weren't really getting out there I realized I had to engage with people so on Instagram I actually was liking people's posts and commenting on people's posts like saying hey nice fish because my brand represents rural Canada so a lot of people do fishing and say.

Like hey nice fish you know great catch bud and just say stuff like that and in the DMS be like hey if you're interested here's a 10 off promo code thanks that's it and I figured out that by doing that by building a bit of a community I actually was getting orders from people that didn't know me personally like they'd go to my site and they'd buy and.

Eventually I got my first 100 customers and I beat level one and once I did that I realized okay this is repeatable I can just do this over and over again and that's basically how I got through level one and then it's like well how do I get to level two well level two might be getting five thousand dollars a month regularly for your brand how do I get my.

Brand to the point where it's making five thousand dollars a month in sales every single month well you figure out that if you're just engaging with people you know you can get a few orders but that might not be enough so maybe if I do a giveaway contest once a month or twice a month on my account then I'm gonna be able to get people tagging.

Their friends and when people are tagging their friends in a giveaway it really is a better Vibe than if I'm just going after them myself constantly and so I introduced giveaway contests and giveaway contests would drum up a lot of interest from Friends tagging their friends and all of a sudden we had way more orders coming in on our website and.

We'd get to about five thousand you know eight thousand dollars in a month for our brand and that's how we beat level two it was like doing all the engagement stuff and introducing these giveaways that was the unlock and now that we did that every month I can post a giveaway I can engage with my audience on Instagram proactively just finding people in.

Hashtags liking their posts commenting on them for my brands account they'll find the website and they'll buy and that's basically how we got through level two level three then is like well how do you get up to ten thousand dollars in a month the giveaway contests are great but maybe it doesn't drum up enough sales that you can get to 10K a.

Month regularly and the engagement's great but maybe it's not getting you up to that point so maybe we should introduce some retargeting ads like Facebook ads and just spend like 10 or 20 a day on ads that's just retargeting all this engagement that we're getting and by doing that we're just getting in front of our audience just a little bit.

More frequently and by getting in front of our audience just a little bit more frequently getting a little bit more traffic to the site boom you beat level three you figure out that hey if I run retargeting ads really simple cheap retargeting ads run these giveaway contests once or twice a month and engage with my audience.

Boom now we're at 10K a month this is kind of funny but I remember when we hit our first 13 000 month being like Oh my God this is a huge deal like we just hit 13 000 in a month because before that our best month was like six thousand or seven thousand and we jumped straight to 13 and it was like this huge deal and it seemed like something that was so far.

Out Of Reach when we were at six thousand a month but once you hit it you realize oh that's all that we had to do was just like change this thing up and introduce some retargeting ads and we can just get there and then it's like well what's level four getting to twenty thousand dollars a month maybe we have to get some influencers and celebrities.

To support our brand and post those on social media and on our website just to ease the friction that people might be feeling for new visitors come into our brand like why should I buy from these people who are they are they credible are they trustworthy and when you get those celebrities and influencers on your website on your social media it.

Really just builds that trust a lot faster and it gets people to realize that your brand is actually pretty sick pretty pretty quickly and so that's you know one of the unlocks that we used to get to twenty thousand dollars a month and email marketing what I'm trying to show you here is that there's different levels and every level basically has a.

Problem to be solved what is it that I have to do that I wasn't doing before to get the brand to this level and this is going to require either rethinking your old strategies or introducing new strategies on top of it those are basically like your only two options and if you keep doing the same thing you're going to keep getting the same results.

So you know getting to forty thousand dollars a month might be actually figuring out your ads and getting your ads to work a little bit better and be a little bit more you know specific or a little bit better at converting or it might be figuring out how to make your posts go viral more consistently on say tick tock or Instagram reels like.

Getting to seventy thousand dollars in a month was basically you know increasing our ad spend while at the same time making sure that our profits and our return is really really good good on those ads and so there's new problems to be solved at every level and the higher you go up in these levels the less it's about just putting your head down and.

Working and the more it's about taking a step back writing out the problem and trying to solve it if you're just putting your head down and you're not thinking about it you're basically just going to be like a hamster a hamster on a wheel just like spinning its Wheels in place believe it or not nobody tells you this but one of.

The best ways to work on your brand is to take a step back from all the day-to-day stuff that you're doing get out a piece of paper and write out the problem that you're trying to solve like if you're trying to get your first 100 customers from people that you don't know say 100 customers from people that I don't know.

How do I solve this Pro like this problem how do I get past this boss how do I beat this level I think that this is such a rare message to share because most people don't think about this in terms of problem solving and using their their smarts they think about it in terms of work ethic hustle you know just getting your brand like pushing your.

Brand out there and they don't ever think about it from from the strategy perspective so just like in a video game find the way to beat the boss it's not just about your skill it's about figuring out the strategy to beat the boss and it's just like that for your clothing brand as well find out the way to beat the level how are you going to.

Do it write out the problem solve the problem and once you do it once you're going to be able to do it again and again basically for the rest of your life and once you solve a problem it's on to the next one these problems are infinite it always just keeps getting higher and higher in levels and there's an infinite amount of levels to get.

Through and so you know wherever you're at it's cool it's about enjoying the process of trying to beat the game that's what it's all about that's why we play the video games in general it's not to get to the end and say oh I beat it it's to enjoy the whole process of beating the levels I hope this video helps you level up.

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