10 Biggest Mistakes Clothing Brands Make In Their First Year

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In this episode of Apparel Success, Rob shares the 10 biggest mistakes that clothing brand owners make in their first year of business. For anyone thinking about starting a clothing brand in 2023 this video will help you avoid making some catastrophic mistakes. There are millions of videos on how start a clothing brand on YouTube – but this one will specifically show you what NOT to do. I personally made many of these mistakes when I started my clothing brand and I'm hoping this saves you time and money. This video applies to your private label clothing brand, clothing line, streetwear brand, fashion line, fashion brand, print on demand (POD), t shirt business, dropshipping and beyond!

0:00 My Experience
1:22 Mistake #1: Not Knowing Your Unique Selling Point
2:28 Mistake #2: Ordering Too Much Inventory
3:26 Mistake #3: Not Enough Focus On Customer Experience
4:35 Mistake #4: Results Oriented VS Process Oriented
5:50 Mistake #5: Prioritizing Margin Over Quality
7:00 Mistake #6: Not Taking Enough Risks
7:53 Mistake #7: Bad Domain Names & Social Media Account Names
8:52 Mistake #8: Partnering With The Wrong Person
9:47 Mistake #9: Assuming Your Brand Will Grow Easily
11:02 Mistake #10: Not Trusting Your Gut Enough