Relax and Focus on Content: A Clothing Brand’s Guide to Growing an Audience

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If you're running a clothing brand right now, I have a very good tip for you that you likely haven't thought of. For one month, try to not think about sales at all and only focus on creating content and building up your audience. Allow yourself to just relax, not trying to make sales happen for your brand at all. Even if you get zero sales that month, just let it happen. Let your brand just not have any sales roll in and just focus on doing the right things like building your audience, creating value content. And I know the immediate panic is like, oh no, but I need sales to come in for my brand. It's like, that's the whole point of running a brand. I get it, but I guarantee you at the end of this month, you're gonna feel so much better just about running your clothing brand in general, not worrying about sales 24 seven. And you'll have built up goodwill with your audience where you weren't just trying to sell to them 24 seven. And if you do have an offer, if you do wanna release some clothing, now they're gonna be much more receptive to it.