Copy My Exact Black Friday Promotion Strategy For My Clothing Brand | 2023

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In this episode of Apparel Success, I share my entire Black Friday promotion strategy for my clothing brand for November 2023. Copy my exact Black Friday marketing strategy and use it for your clothing brand to get more sales and have a successful promotion. For anyone with a clothing brand startup, clothing line, tshirt business, streetwear brand, streetwear line, print on demand (POD), dropshipping, ecommerce brand, and beyond!

0:00 My Black Friday Experience
1:07 What Makes Black Friday Special
1:45 When To Run Your Promotion/Sale
2:51 What Is Your Offer
3:31 3 Marketing Strategies
4:24 Paid Ads Strategy
7:40 Email Marketing Strategy
9:00 Organic Marketing Strategy
10:50 Apparel Success Mastermind