Social Proof — The Missing Piece For Most Clothing Brand Startups

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A deep dive into “social proof” and the massive impact it has on the credibility of your clothing brand. Establishing social proof for your clothing brand is the fastest way to gaining credibility and trust. Social proof is the phenomenon where people are more likely to do something that many others have already done. When visitors to your social media and website come across your clothing brand and see that you already have happy customers, it creates a powerful impression and affects their overall perception of your brand. This is a powerful way to “make more sales” for your clothing brand and a fundamental component to successfully marketing your clothing brand. The ultimate guide for how to market your clothing brand.

This episode of Apparel Success is for anyone starting a clothing brand, clothing line, streetwear brand, streetwear line, fashion brand, fashion line, t shirt business, print on demand (POD), dropshipping and beyond!

0:00 Why Your Brand Needs Social Proof
1:36 What “Most” Clothing Brands Do
3:10 How Does Social Proof Work
5:56 Strategy #1: Getting Social Proof
7:24 Strategy #2: Getting Social Proof
8:23 Strategy #3: Getting Social Proof
10:29 Important Nuances
12:05 Apparel Success Mastermind