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Version 1.1

Website New Features Added the ability to filter tags on My Designs Added the ability to open the new Chrome Extension from Merch Locker Merch by Amazon designs are now imported to Merch Locker via extension Added the ability to … Read More

Sync your Merch By Amazon designs and files in seconds – New Merch Locker Update

Managing your design files can be a tedious task.  Do you have folders and folders of designs stored on hard drives, or are you paying for 3rd party services that don’t quite offer the features you need without trawling through … Read More

Version 1.0.1

New Features Listing Writer now saves data to the browser cache so it won’t wipe on refresh Added data injection button to Listing Writer (use with Chrome Extension) Added clear data button to Listing Writer Added relist button to inactive items … Read More

Introducing our Chrome Extension: Upload Designs Directly From The Merch By Amazon Dashboard

One of the most laborious parts about being a merchandise seller on Amazon is listing your designs.  You have to create your listing for a T-Shirt, then rewrite it for the Long Sleeved Shirts, Hoodies, PopSockets and whatever other items … Read More

How To Hire a Designer for Merchandise Designs

When you’re out shopping for clothing, the main differentiator between regular T-Shirts and Hoodies is the design.  Sure, the big brands might such as Hollister and Nike might both get away with selling plain T-Shirts that look the same, but … Read More

How to Distress a T-Shirt Design in Photoshop

Having sharp artwork can work really well for T-Shirt designs, but what if the design you have is vintage or retro style?  Customers want a worn or distressed design, that looks like it’s been worn or washed a few times … Read More