One of the most laborious parts about being a merchandise seller on Amazon is listing your designs.  You have to create your listing for a T-Shirt, then rewrite it for the Long Sleeved Shirts, Hoodies, PopSockets and whatever other items Amazon may release.

Merch Lockers latest product makes listing items a breeze.  No more downloading your .png files  or trying to find them on your computer.  No more hunting for designs that have been removed and then manually relist them.  Our Chrome Extension will speed up your listing process, so you can focus on other parts of your business.

Version One

Our Chrome Extension will come in 2 parts.  Version 1 which we are releasing today will help you get your designs uploaded quick and easy.  

Upload designs from Merch Locker

One of the biggest issues with Print on Demand is organisation.  Having folders of designs is messy, so we created Merch Locker to solve that.  Previously you’d have to download your designs to your computer or find them in a mess of folders, and then upload them, costing your time and money.  This is no longer the case!

 The Merch Locker Chrome Extension adds a toolbar into Merch By Amazon that lets you search your saved designs in Merch Locker.

Simply select the design and file you wish to use, select your Merch By Amazon product and click upload.  The extension will handle the rest.


Merch Locker Uploader in Action

Re-upload designs quickly

Ever get fed up of having to find designs that haven’t sold, then waste time finding the designs for them, and then have to go through the process of uploading them all over again, trying to remember what you wrote?

The relister feature adds a new button to inactive Merch Locker items.  Simply hit the relist button, and the Chrome Extension will re-upload the design directly from Merch Locker. 

Once uploaded, save your selection, pick your colors and price and your product listing information will be magically populated when the page loads.    If you’re happy with the listing data, hit Submit and continue with the submission process!

Add product information for several products at once

One of our biggest peeves is having to create listing information, and then replicate it for each product on Amazon.   We can spend hours writing product listings, but then  having to change this for every product type becomes laborious, time consuming and simply inefficient. 

We addressed this problem with the listing writer than can swap out the product names automatically, however we’ve now gone one step further.

Simply open new tabs for each product, and upload your designs from Merch Locker.  When each product is at the description page, head over to the Merch Locker Listing Writer and write your content and just use T-Shirt for your product type.

When you’re done, simply click the “Inject to Listings” button, and your listing data will be automatically inserted to each product, with the product type changed appropriately

Get Started Now

Save time, headaches and money! To get started using our Chrome Extension, visit the Chrome Webstore and search for Merch Locker, or click on the button below

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