Managing your design files can be a tedious task.  Do you have folders and folders of designs stored on hard drives, or are you paying for 3rd party services that don’t quite offer the features you need without trawling through rows of data?
 Merch Locker allows you to manage your design data and keep track of your listings with ease, and with our latest update, getting your data and designs into Merch Locker can be done with a click of a button!

Automatically sync designs with Merch Locker

Our latest Chrome Extension update makes life easy.  In the background, we can pull all of your items into Merch Locker, including your design files!

Since we integrate directly with Amazon APIs, our extension doesn’t need to open hundreds of tabs to scrape data from Amazon’s website.  This means we can sync your account quickly, syncing about 3000 products in about 2-3 minutes!

 By default, we will sync your accounts every 3 days, however you can force a sync at any time, change the sync period, or sync individual items.

So long as you’re signed into Merch by Amazon, our extension will continue to sync your data in the background, even if you don’t have Merch by Amazon open!

Product Status

Rather than make another extension that injects more data into the already detailed Merch By Amazon Dashboard, we took the decision to show your product status inside the Merch Locker extension itself.

This means we don’t have to worry about Amazon changing something on their dashboard and breaking the functionality.  At the moment, you can do the following:

  • See the sync status of your products in Merch Locker
  • Force sync of individual items
  • Edit a certain product, including those created in the Multi-Uploader
  • Get Helper suggestions on each item


Item Assignment

As Merch Locker is about managing designs, rather than specific Merch By Amazon listings, we need to know which items belong to which design.

To do this, we’ve added a new “Unassigned Item” page on the Merch Locker website.  Simply select the items you want to group together, and either assign them to an existing design or create a new design whilst you’re at it.

Since Amazon released the Multi Uploader, we’re able to automatically select all of the items using the multi uploader together on selection.  Unfortunately, for any design made with the older single product uploader, you’ll have to manually select all those items – sorry!

Get Started Now

Save time, headaches and money! To get started using our Chrome Extension, visit the Chrome Webstore and search for Merch Locker, or click on the button below

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