Merch Locker is feature packed

We want to make managing your Merch designs as easy as possible. That's why we've packed Merch Locker with useful features for everyone to enjoy.

Design Storage

Merch Locker makes it easy to store your designs. We use AES-256 encryption to securely store them for peace of mind.

Design Management

Merch Locker makes it easy to manage your designs. Our search function lets you easily find your designs.  We also let you tag your designs, so you can easily find your Halloween designs from last year, or your Shark riding a Unicorn

Automatic Collection

Never lose your Titles, Bullets or Descriptions again. Merch Locker will automatically check your designs every day to ensure we have the latest data available. We store this data for you, so even if your designs are removed, you still have the data to reuse.

Amazon Seller Rank Tracking

Merch Locker automatically keeps track of your products seller ranks, enabling you to see which products sell, and when.

Listing Writer

Our listing writer allows you to quickly generate product information for each Merch By Amazon product type,  so you can focus on research and design instead of uploading.

Merch by Amazon Account Sync

Automatically add all of your products from Merch By Amazon into Merch Locker using our Chrome Extension.  Assign these items to a design in Merch Locker, and you’ll find all of the item data, including the original artwork png available automatically.

Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension lets you easily upload designs directly from Merch Locker and re-upload items in a single click. It also is the control centre allowing you to sync your Merch By Amazon designs with Merch Locker

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